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What to expect

We know your heart stops when your baby’s breathing stops, so we embrace families from the moment they are referred to the apnea program by their baby’s doctor.

Meet the team

We believe that a combination of excellent medical technology and compassionate care works wonders with babies. With years of experience and training in keeping babies safe and comfortable, we are well-equipped to help parents navigate treatment and monitoring once babies are home.

Outcomes and Research

Choosing where to bring your child for care is a major decision. We understand you want all the information you can get. And you want it in a clear, straightforward form that helps you make the right choice for your family.

Conditions and Services

When it comes to babies and breathing, Children’s Apnea Program covers it all. Through both inpatient and outpatient care, we diagnose breathing conditions, coordinate further testing if needed and outline a plan of care tailored to each child. And, we do this using sophisticated pulmonary technology that is specially created for tiny lungs and fragile little ones.

Apnea Program

Children’s Minnesota’s Apnea Program includes pediatric specialists who understand the science behind a baby’s breathing process.