The experts at the Children’s Apnea Program are here to help

Children’s Minnesota’s Apnea Program includes pediatric specialists who understand the science behind a baby’s breathing process.

Our team of pulmonary, neonatology and nurse experts provides comprehensive evaluations, family education, ongoing management and support to families of infants diagnosed with apnea or gastroesophageal reflux (GER).

Although short pauses in breathing or irregular breathing are normal in all infants, prolonged breathlessness is not. There are many reasons why babies periodically pause in their breathing, including premature birth, seizure disorders or congenital conditions that affect their respiration process.

Here’s how Children’s Minnesota can help apnea patients:

When a baby’s breathing requires monitoring at home, we provide individualized classes so families and caregivers can learn firsthand how to use medical equipment that electronically monitors their baby’s breathing.

The Apnea Program team at Children’s Minnesota can be reached at any time, and we mean this. Call us at your preferred location:

Minneapolis campus: 612-813-5831

St Paul campus: 651-220-6267