While you’re at your baby’s bedside, we’ll be by your side

We believe that a combination of incredible medical technology and a sensitive touch works wonders with babies. We know that families notice every single breath their baby takes —or doesn’t take. So our team is vigilant when it comes to keeping babies safe and comfortable. With years of experience and training in both areas, we are well-equipped to help parents navigate treatment and monitoring once babies are home.

Our team of experts teaches parents about the nuances of their baby’s breathing process. Our team members include:

  • Neonatologists, doctors who specialize in treating critically ill infants with complex or high-risk medical conditions.
  • Pediatric pulmonologists, doctors who specialize in treating lung conditions in babies and children.
  • Pediatric registered nurses, who have completed specialized training to care for kids with apnea and gastroesophageal reflux.

Here’s a quick look at some apnea program trail-blazers who help ensure babies get the best treatment:

William Wheeler, MD
Pediatric pulmonologist and
medical director of Children’s apnea program

Pam Stading, MPH, BSN
Manager of Children’s apnea program

See profiles for all the all-star doctors in the apnea program within neonatology.