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Voluntary Recall: Philips-Respironics invasive and non-invasive ventilators

Children’s Minnesota is aware that many of the Philips-Respironics invasive and non-invasive ventilators have been voluntarily recalled. If your child is on one of these machines, your provider will be communicating directly with you via MyChildren's portal on their recommendation based on your child’s specific circumstances.

Sleep awareness: what parents need to know

Parents know good sleep is essential for healthy growth and functioning. Parents also know that good sleep can be hard to come by. Sleep Awareness Week happens every year and is recognized March 14-20 in 2021!

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) & Facial Plastic Surgery Research

For Health Professionals

Children’s Physician Access is available 24/7 with a representative on the line throughout the call to assist with referrals, consultations and admissions and to provide general information.

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We know you may want to dig for more information, so we gathered these easy-to-digest materials and resources from pediatric organizations in Minnesota and beyond.

What to expect

The way we first meet depends on your child’s situation. Your child’s pediatrician may have referred you to us. Or maybe another specialist within the Children’s Minnesota network referred you to us. Or maybe you found us because you’re in search of sound pediatric sleep solution for your child and your family.

Meet the Team

The high quality of care provided by Children’s Sleep Center is a function of great doctors, nurses, technologists and support staff, all committed to the same goal of caring for the entire family. Our team is made up of several types of dedicated professionals:

Outcomes and Research

At Children’s, we focus on research and innovations that make a difference at the bedside. From improving day-to-day quality of life for children and teens, to developing new pain management approaches and adopting cutting-edge technologies, our research is completely kid and family-focused.

Conditions and Services

Sleep disorders are extremely common and affect the quality of all your child’s waking hours. They can cause worry, frustration and anger. But rest assured, at Children’s Minnesota, we know when something is normal and when it is concerning.