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Cleft Lip and Palate

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Feeding an infant with cleft lip and palate

Babies with cleft lips and/or palates have their own unique ways of sucking from a bottle. They may require special bottles or nipples and some extra patience.

Cleft Palate

“Palate” is another name for the roof of your mouth. The palate is both the roof of your mouth and the floor of your nose. The palate has two parts: the front, or hard palate, and the back, or soft palate. The hard palate is made of bone and the soft palate is made of muscle.

Cleft Lip

A cleft lip is a birth defect that results when tissues of the lip and bone of the upper jaw fail to fuse during early development of the fetus. This failure occurs during the 4th and 6th week of gestation. The condition varies from a small notch in the red part of the lip (Fig. 2) to a wide gap in the lip and gum line extending into the nostril of the nose (Fig. 3). A cleft lip may occur on the left side, the right side, or both sides (Fig. 4).

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