Treating babies, beating anxiety

Whether your baby was diagnosed with health problems while still in the womb or born prematurely with critical needs, Children’s Minnesota provides extraordinary inpatient care at our St. Paul and Minneapolis hospitals — not just for baby, but for the entire family.

We know the hospital can be a scary place. We may not be able to erase all your worries, but you can find some peace of mind in knowing that Children’s offers the most advanced care for babies and a comfortable, calming environment for families.

Get to know our nurseries

Our three types of nurseries provide different levels of care:

  • Level IV/III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU): This is the highest level of neonatal intensive care. The all-hands-on-deck unit. It’s where we monitor and treat the most critically ill and premature infants, and where our specialists are ready day and night to provide lifesaving care and respond to the unexpected.
  • Special care nursery (Level II): All the babies we see are special, but the ones in these units need constant monitoring and care, although their conditions are less critical.
  • Infant care center: This is our “step-down” unit. Babies in this unit are recovering and growing, yet have special needs in order to transition to home.

One or more of these units is at Children’s – Minneapolis, Children’s – St. Paul and The Mother Baby Center.

Babies belong at home. Not in hospitals

That’s why Children’s created a home away from home for babies and their families. For starters, we know peace and quiet play a big role in a baby’s care. That’s why all babies get their own room. And when it comes to twins, there’s no splitting up a perfect pair. Twins share the same room, making it simpler for families to spend time with the duo.

Here’s more on how we keep families comfortable and involved in their baby’s care:

  • Private, roomy rooms: Parents are welcome to visit anytime, and our private patient rooms are equipped with a sleeper sofa, closet and fridge so you can stay overnight. We even offer private shower facilities, a pantry and technology amenities through Geek Squad so you can take a much-needed break while remaining close to your child.
  • A special space for sibs: It’s tough to adjust to being a big brother or sister when the new baby has to stay in the NICU. We offer a supervised sibling play area, where kids ages 2 and older can enjoy toys, arts and crafts, and other age-appropriate fun.

Better, faster, stronger

Children’s strives to make each family’s stay with us the best it can possibly be. To that end, we offer top-notch care plus a wide range of family services and resources. Our ultimate goal is to help babies grow stronger and return to their rightful place of healthy and happy faster.


The Mother Baby Center rendering

The Mother Baby Center

A great place to have a baby. A great place to be a baby. Our locations are designed with you and your family in mind – with large private rooms for mom and baby (or babies). Learn more


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