NICU Follow-up Clinic overview

The purpose of the NICU Follow-up Clinic is to provide you and your family with an assessment of your child and to collect information about the outcome of children who were patients in the Children’s NICU so we can continue to improve what we do. Through the clinic, your child’s progress is monitored at regular intervals. This allows us to assess how your child is doing and be able to identify any issues early on, before your child reaches school age to ensure that timely referrals can be made to your physician and other specialty providers. Unique to Children’s, the clinic also offers IQ testing with a clinical psychologist and sees patients up to five years of age.

Staff members at the NICU Follow-up Clinic will make referrals and recommendations for assessment and services that may be needed with your child’s doctor and local specialist. The program is under the medical direction of Cristina Miller, MD.

For scheduling and information:

Please contact us at 651-220-6144

Frequently Asked Questions – Parents

This is a question all parents ask, and it may take on special significance for parents of children who have been hospitalized in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Children’s Minnesota offers a special NICU Follow-up Clinic on St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses to evaluate the growth and development of former patients.

The clinic is available to children who are at risk and have spent time in a NICU or to children whose doctors are concerned about their development.

The first visit occurs when your child is six months old (adjusted age). Subsequent visits are scheduled at 12 months (adjusted age), 24 months and when your child is 4½ years old. Visits last approximately one to two hours and are on Tuesdays only. Additional visits may be scheduled as needed.

A neonatologist or nurse practitioner will perform a neuromuscular examination and take a health history. An occupational, physical therapist or an educational psychologist will perform an additional examination or test to check your child’s development. A program staff member will discuss the findings of the development evaluation with you. Any evaluations or recommendations made by the staff of the follow-up clinic will be sent to your child’s primary care doctor.

Please note: this clinic focuses on developmental problems. It does not replace regular well-child check-ups with your child’s doctor or other necessary medical visits.


Children’s Minnesota NICU Follow-up Clinic – St. Paul
347 North Smith Avenue, Suite 601
St. Paul, MN 55102

Located on the 6th floor in the Garden View Medical Building.

Parking is validated for families attending the follow-up clinic and is available in the Red ramp at the corner of Smith Avenue and Grand Avenue.

Children’s Minnesota NICU Follow-up Clinic – Minneapolis
2530 Chicago Avenue, Suite 560
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Minneapolis NICU Follow-up Clinic is located on the 5th floor in the Specialty Center Building.

Parking is validated for families attending the follow-up clinic at the corner of Columbus Avenue and E 26th Street in the green ramp.


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