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188 Children’s Minnesota physicians recognized as Top Doctors by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

List of honorees demonstrates high-level of care and services offered at Children’s Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (July 30, 2020) – Children’s Minnesota is honored to have 188 physicians recognized by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine as 2020 Top Doctors. The 24th edition of the list includes more than 824 doctors from across the Twin Cities in 47 specialties.

“We are honored to have physicians from across our broad range of 60 specialties recognized for their pediatric expertise and compassionate care for kids,” said Dr. Emily Chapman, chief medical officer and vice president of medical affairs at Children’s Minnesota. “Our remarkable group of physicians are driving advances in pediatric care and partnering in raising healthier children across our region.”

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Research for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Top Doctors list began by asking metro-area physicians to nominate one or more doctors whom they would choose if they or a loved one were seeking medical care. From there, candidates were grouped into specialties and evaluated on myriad factors, including peer recognition, professional achievement, extensive research and disciplinary history. Doctors who received the highest total points from the surveys, research and blue-ribbon panel review were selected at 2020 Top Doctors.

The Top Doctors are all listed in the July issue of Mpls.St.Paul magazine.

Tor C. Aasheim, MD

Jennifer Abuzzahab, MD

Robert D. Acton, MD

Timothy J. Anderson, MD

Scott D. Anseth, MD

Joseph L. Arms, MD

Jane E. Barthell, MD

Kiran K. Belani, MD

Anne E. Bendel, MD

Catherine M. Bendel, MD

Steven R. Bennett, MD

Mark J. Bergeron, MD

Gary D. Berman, MD

Susan A. Berry, MD

Vikas Bhambhani, MD

Abdhish R. Bhavsar, MD

Merrill A. Biel, MD

Bryce A. Binstadt, MD

Deborah C. Bohn, MD

Julie S. Boman, MD

Sheldon R. Burns, MD

David A. Burton, MD

Patrick L. Carolan, MD

Christopher D. Carter, MD

Keith L. Cavanaugh, MD

Emily P. Chapman, MD

Blanche M. Chavers, MD

Pamela Gigi Chawla, MD

Edward Y. Cheng, MD

Srinath Chinnakotla, MD

Denis R. Clohisy, MD

Ted David Cox, MD

Charles E. Crutchfield, III, MD

Dina E. Curran, MD

John B. Davies, MD

Sundeep Dev, MD

Harley Seth Dresner, MD

James E. Dufort, MD

Sam Economou, MD

Mark H. Eikenberry, MD

David G. Einzig, MD

Geoffrey G. Emerson, MD

Keith Engel, MD

Stephen P. England, MD

Nissa I. Erickson, MD

David L. Estrin, MD

Brad A. Feltis, MD

David A. Ferenci, MD

Michael D. Frost, MD

Laura M. Gandrud, MD

Michael J. Garvis, MD

Caroline L. George, MD

Thomas N. George, MD

Geoffrey S. Getnick, MD

Jennifer W. Gobel, MD

Angela Kade Goepferd, MD

Mark E. Gormley, Jr., MD

Charles C. Gornick, MD

David B. Gremmels, MD

Kelly Han, MD

Barbara J. Hansen, MD

Nancy Harper, MD

Andrew Harrison, MD

Thomas J. Helm, MD

Mark J. Hill, MD

Christopher W. Hilton, MD

Gurumurthy Hiremath, MD

David A. Hirschman, MD

Laura G. Hoyt, MD

Joel C. Hutcheson, MD

Steven V. Inman, MD

Sharon B. Jaeger, MD

Steven T. Janousek, MD

Eric M. Johnson, MD

Richard G. Karlen, MD

Clifford E. Kashtan, MD

Sarah J. Kaus, MD

Mumtaz A. Kazim, MD

Susan L. Kearney, MD

Michelle Kennedy, MD

Anupam Kharbanda, MD

Andrew W. Kiragu, MD

Jason J. Koch, MD

Steven E. Koop, MD

Teresa F. Kovarik, MD

Nathaniel Kreykes, MD

Jennifer H. Kyllo, MD

Andrea L. Lampland, MD

Timothy A. Lander, MD

George H. Landis, MD

David M. Larson, MD

Kelly S. Lemieux, MD

John R. Lesser, MD

Jane M. Lewis, MD

Jamie L. Lohr, MD

Stephen G. Lutz, MD

Kathleen M. Macken, MD

Paula Mackey, MD

Manu Madhok, MD

Michael T. Madison, MD

Barbara N. Malone, MD

Kenneth K. Maslonka, MD

Jonathan McCue, MD

Michael P. McCue, MD

Tracey A. McGuinn, MD

John J. McNamara, MD

Amir A. Mehbod, MD

Peter J. Melchert, MD

Yoav H. Messinger, MD

David P. Miller, MD

William A. Mize, MD

Francis X. Moga, MD

Christian Morkeberg, MD

Lawrence E. Morrissey, MD

Jeanne D. Mrozek, MD

Alexandra L. Muschenheim, MD

Mahmoud G. Nagib, MD

Joseph P. Neglia, MD

Bradley J. Nelson, MD

Stephen C. Nelson, MD

Tom F. Novacheck, MD

Lisa W. Oie, MD

Jeffrey W. Oseid, MD

Vicki M. Oster, MD

Nancy L. Ott, MD

David M. Overman, MD

John R. Paulson, MD

Joseph H. Perra, MD

Michele Peterson, MD

Carrie L. Pettey, MD

Robert T. Plouff, MD

Ingrid C. Polcari, MD

William F. Pomputius, III, MD

Tamara C. Pozos, MD

Michael P. Pryor, MD

Polly A. Quiram, MD

Jason P. Raasch, MD

Yuri Reinberg, MD

Michelle Rheault, MD

Michael K. Richards, MD

Mona Riskalla, MD

David G. Rustad, MD

Lorene E. Rutherford, MD

Edwin H. Ryan, Jr., MD

Andrew A. Rzepka, MD

Daniel A. Saltzman, MD

Milagros Santiago, MD

Gregg J. Savitt, MD

Mark R. Schleiss, MD

David J. Schmeling, MD

Derek J. Schmidt, MD

Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg, MD

James D. Schwender, MD

Robert M. Segal, MD

Susan F. Sencer, MD

Kevin J. Sheridan, MD

Lori M. Skallerud, MD

Angela R. Smith, MD

Leonard W. Snellman, MD

Judith B. Snook, MD

Julia Steinberger, MD

Erik N. Stene, MD

Erin Clifford Stepka, MD

Allan Stillerman, MD

Stephen B. Sundberg, MD

Marshall H. Taniguchi, MD

Michael Tedford, MD

Andrew Derek Thomas, MD

Richard M. Thompson, MD

Robert J. Tibesar, MD

Christopher J. Tolan, MD

Ensor E. Transfeldt, MD

Patricia A. Valusek, MD

Ann E. Van Heest, MD

David R. Vandersteen, MD

Richard K. Vehe, MD

Mark W. Veldman, MD

Priya Verghese, MD

David C. Wahoff, MD

Kevin R. Walker, MD

Michael R. Wexler, MD

Bill Wheeler, MD

David F. Williams, MD

Jonathan Witzke, MD

James J. Wolpert, MD

Cherie Y. Zachary, MD

Brian D. Zelickson, MD

Judith L. Zier, MD

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Children’s Minnesota is the seventh largest pediatric health system in the United States and the only health system in Minnesota to provide care exclusively to children, from before birth through young adulthood. An independent and not-for-profit system since 1924, Children’s Minnesota serves kids throughout the Upper Midwest at two free-standing hospitals, 12 primary and specialty care clinics and six rehabilitation sites. Children’s Minnesota is regularly ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a top children’s hospital.

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