Our response to COVID-19 How we’re changing health care to keep your family safe.

Safe Care: Our commitment, our promise

Children’s Minnesota is open, safe and ready to care for your family. From enhanced safety precautions to virtual care, in our clinics and in our hospitals, we’re doing everything we can to keep our amazing patients—your children—safe.

Don’t delay care for your child

Our pediatricians urge you not to wait to get routine care. Vaccinations and well-child check-ups are critical to keep your child healthy and on track with developmental milestones.

In-person visits

Children’s Minnesota is open and safe for any type of care. You can learn more about our precautions to prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19 below.

Virtual Care

You can schedule an online virtual visit for many types of appointments. “Telebuddies” may also be used to let care teams visit with hospital patients remotely.

How we’re keeping in-person visits safe

“Having experienced the increased precautions Children’s Minnesota has taken due to the pandemic, I knew that she would be as safe as humanly possible while there.”

– Kelly A., Children’s Minnesota patient’s mother

Everyone older than the age of 2 must wear a mask

This includes patients, parents, guardians, staff and contractors.

Rigorous cleaning standards

The virus that causes COVID-19 is easily killed by hospital disinfectants, and we have been doing enhanced cleaning at our locations.

  • More frequent and thorough cleaning of all high-touch surfaces and public spaces.
  • High room air exchanges in places like our emergency departments and operating rooms that keep fresh air moving into rooms and air with potential droplets rapidly moving out.
  • Using UV light to kill viruses in select hospital areas.

Social distancing

Signs and floor markers help us enforce proper social distancing in common areas.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) best practices

All staff are required to wear masks, and all patient-facing staff are required to also wear face shields.

Below you can see more safety measures specific to the type of care your child is receiving.

What to expect during your visit

In our hospitals


As you prepare for your visit to Children’s Minnesota hospitals in Minneapolis and St. Paul, know that we are taking many precautions to keep your family safe.

Mother wearing mask with baby at the Children's Minnesota Hospital entrance.


To keep all of us safe, everyone older than the age of 2 must wear a mask at Children’s Minnesota—whether they are visiting the hospital or one of our clinics.

Mother with two children all wearing masks walking into the hospital.


Signs will help you remember to wear a mask and to go to the Welcome Center to get a wellness screening.

Large sign saying "Masks required beyond this point. The Minnesota Department of Health requires everyone to wear a mask and be screened for fever and symptoms of illness. This includes patients, parents, guardians, staff and contractors. Please proceed to the Welcome Center. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you."


You’ll also see reminders to keep 6 feet between you and other patients, families and staff.

Sign saying "Please stand 6 feet back."


There are stickers on the floor to help you remember to keep your distance. Wait on one of these stickers until the Welcome Center staff calls you up to the desk.

Floor sticker saying "Thanks for social distancing. Please stay 6 feet from others."


Friendly staff at the Welcome Center will help you check in.

Welcome Center staff wearing a mask and goggles.


At the Welcome Center, you will need to provide a photo ID. Then you will get a wellness screening, which includes a temperature check and screen for symptoms of illness.

Welcome Center staff using a contactless temperature reader on a visitor.


After you are checked in, you will be given a visitor photo ID badge to wear. You will need a new ID badge each day you visit.

Visitor sticking a visitor pass on her shirt, showing today's date, her photo, her name, and the department's name.


Wash ‘em proud! We have hand sanitizer available throughout the hospitals so you can keep your hands clean.

Welcome Center staff dispensing hand sanitizer onto visitor's hand.


To help keep everyone safe, only parents, guardians and staff are allowed to accompany your child throughout their stay at Children’s Minnesota.

Mother with baby entering the Surgery Center.


Once you have checked in at the Welcome Center, you will go to the hospital unit, surgery center, or other location that will care for your child. You’ll check in at the front desk.

Front desk staff with mask and goggles speaking to mother wearing mask.


You child will be given an ID bracelet.

Front desk staff wrapping an ID bracelet around baby's ankle.


We set up our lobbies to make social distancing easy. The chairs are spaced 6 feet apart. and we posted helpful signs for an added reminder.

We will bring you back to your room as soon as possible.

Spacious waiting area with multiple separate seating areas.


The environmental services staff is doing enhanced cleaning throughout our hospitals.

Lobbies and other spaces are cleaned frequently.

Environmental services staff wearing mask using a floor scrubber machine.


Surfaces are cleaned often.

Environmental services staff wearing mask wiping down surfaces.


Children’s Minnesota nurses, doctors and staff wear face masks. They also sanitize or wash their hands whenever they enter or leave your room.

Nurse with mask and face shield applying hand sanitizer.


Masks aren’t the only way staff protect you and protect themselves from illness. You may see some staff in even more Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE).

Staff member giving thumbs up wearing gown, gloves, and hood.


We aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible for you and your child.

Young girl in mask getting height measured and smiling with staff member wearing mask and goggles.
Clinician wearing mask and face shield listening to baby's heart.


We thank you for coming to Children’s Minnesota where we care for the most amazing people on Earth – kids!

Mother pushing son in wheelchair out of hospital, both wearing masks.


We’re so glad you chose Children’s Minnesota for your child’s care.

Welcome Center staff wearing masks and goggles giving thumbs up.

In our clinics


Children’s Minnesota is taking many precautions to keep your family safe at our primary and specialty care clinics located throughout the Twin Cities metro.

Children's Minnesota Primary Care Clinics' entrances


You can call to schedule an appointment at our primary and specialty care clinics.

Mother and child at front desk.


Face masks are required of all patients and visitors over the age of 2 in our clinics.

Young girl wearing a mask and smiling.


Magazines, books and other items have been removed from lobbies and exam rooms to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Lobbies are cleaned often, and we will bring you back to your exam room as soon as possible.

Separate pen holders labeled "clean" and "dirty" at a front desk.


Our staff will be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) including face masks and face shields.

Clinician wearing mask and face shield checks little boy's ear next to mother wearing mask.


Two parents or guardians are allowed to accompany each child during the visit.

Clinician wearing mask and face shield checks teen's throat.


We encourage well-child check-ups, and regularly scheduled vaccines and flu shots.

Clinician wearing mask and face shield listens to heartbeat of teen wearing mask.


Surgeries are being scheduled at Children’s Minnesota surgery centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. As you prepare for surgery, know that your child is getting the best care from a surgical team that is trained exclusively to care for children. Our team is taking many precautions to keep your family safe.

Learn more about what to expect for surgery »


Gowns, masks, and face shields can look scary. This song created by our staff explains PPE to kids.

Patient stories

Jordyn’s story

After Jordyn began treatment, the COVID-19 pandemic began. But that didn’t change the fact that Jordyn’s treatment needed to continue.

Jordyn’s care team told her: “Cancer doesn’t stop” and neither would they. While clinic and hospital visits looked different due to the pandemic, her care team—from her doctors to home health nurses to physical therapists—helped her prioritize her goals and get better, while she was still juggling a full-time job as a civil engineer.

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Jordyn in a blue hat at Children's Minnesota

Emergency care during COVID-19: Ben’s story

Two years ago, Ben was in a car accident and suffered numerous injuries including a severe traumatic brain injury.

Years after receiving care at Children’s Minnesota for that injury, Ben was admitted for a second neurosurgery.

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Care during a pandemic: J.J.’s and Bridget’s stories

J.J. was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 4 years old. She finished treatment in August 2019 and has been returning to the clinic every two months for bloodwork.

Bridget broke her arm falling off the monkey bars in June. Her first—and hopefully only—trip to the emergency department was as good as ever.

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J.J. and Bridget smiling together

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