We give kids confidence

The cleft and craniofacial clinic at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is one of the premier programs in the region dedicated exclusively to diagnosing and treating cleft and craniofacial disorders in babies, children, adolescents and young adults.

Our specialists are among the most experienced pediatric craniofacial experts in the state and treat a wide range of conditions, from cleft lips to abnormal head shapes, using state-of-the-art technologies for 21st century care.

Our comprehensive services include:

Tailoring a plan. We know precisely how to address complicated cleft and craniofacial issues one step at a time, with expertise from Children’s departments including audiology, dentistry, surgery, speech and language, otolaryngology and orthodontics programs.

Never giving up. As the foremost pediatric specialists in the area, we diagnose and treat even the rarest and most complicated cleft and craniofacial conditions and syndromes. We serve children with unique challenges using determination and every tool that modern medicine offers.

Transforming lives. Whatever it takes to make a child with cleft or craniofacial conditions more comfortable with himself and the world, we do it. That could include a custom-fabricated helmet to protect a newborn’s fragile skull, physical therapy exercises designed to heal a child’s neck deformity or feeding evaluations for babies with cleft disorders.

Looking ahead. Our team helps families prepare for the future by outlining what to expect during the first year of life and beyond for a child with cleft or craniofacial issues.

Answering questions. Families have many concerns when their child has cleft or craniofacial conditions or if they are considering adopting a child with these challenges, so our specially-trained genetic counselors and pediatric psychologists are always available for frank conversations.

We know from our vast experience that it is also crucial to support your child with any emotional issues he may encounter. We share first-person stories told by other cleft palate patients so kids know they are not alone.

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