Meet our genomic medicine experts

When you want answers, you want to talk to experts. They work as a team to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your child. And every family who comes through our clinic door at Children’s Minnesota meets with a genetic counselor as well as a board certified geneticist or advanced practice registered nurse with additional training in genetics.

For children with medically complex conditions we collaborate and share ideas, so it’s like gaining a second or third opinion from your single visit.

Our genomic medicine team is made up of several types of dedicated professionals:

  • Geneticists diagnose, evaluate for and manage genetic conditions. Our pediatric geneticists underwent three years of training in pediatrics in addition to their medical genetics training. Some have additional training in biochemical genetics.  Our pediatric geneticists are well respected for their diagnostic skills and work hard to find answers for families.
  • Nurse practitioners are specially trained and licensed to examine, diagnose and treat patients, and the nurse practitioners in the genetics program have additional training specific to genetics.
  • Genetic counselors meet with new patients and families to help explain every step involved in the evaluation process. Genetic counselors help you make sense of genetic testing results and provide educational and support materials to make sure you have the information you need.
  • Pharmacogenomics pharmacist helps determine the right medication, right dose for a specific condition based on a person’s unique genetic makeup to deliver optimum outcomes.  

If you’re visiting the genomics medicine program at Children’s Minnesota, here are the team members you and your child may see (Click on their names to read their profiles. To see a full list, search for the “Genetics and Genomics” specialties in Find a Doctor.)