Welcome to the Teen Diabetes Clinic

Your teen’s partner in diabetes care

Adolescence is a challenging time for managing diabetes. National data and our clinic’s own findings show that controlling diabetes can be harder during the teenage years, which can lead to higher HbA1c levels. However, research suggests that increased support and contact with teens during this time can really make a big difference in managing diabetes.

What makes us stand out

We offer special education dedicated to the unique needs of teenagers age 12 years and older and young adults with diabetes. During clinic appointments, we talk openly about managing diabetes during teenage and young adult years. Our specific education programs are designed to suit the needs of our patients.

Upon request, our certified diabetic educators are available to provide structured support between quarterly clinic appointments. They can assist teen patients and their families with data analysis, review and address concerns in real time.

Our teen clinical social worker and pediatric diabetes psychologist are also available for support with getting connected to resources, helping teens navigate and cope with their diabetes and supportive check-ins or visits between appointments.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.


Joining the Teen Diabetes Clinic

Teen speaking to diabetes counselor
  1. Make an appointment: If you are 12 years or older, you can visit us in Maple Grove on Wednesdays or in Woodbury on Tuesdays. Just give us a call, and we’ll set up your visit. You don’t need a special referral to come see us.
  2. First visit: When you come for your first visit, we’ll help you get started with a brief orientation. It’s easy, and we’ll guide you through it.
  3. Follow-up appointments: We’ll schedule regular check-ups to keep an eye on your diabetes and help you stay healthy.

Call to schedule an appointment

Woodbury Clinic

628 Bielenberg Drive, Suite 200
Woodbury, MN 55125
When: Every Tuesday

Maple Grove Clinic

7767 Elm Creek Blvd North, Suite 301
Maple Grove, MN 55369
When: Every Wednesday

Exploring our dynamic curriculum

Our education plan revolves around assisting teenagers in navigating the challenges of adolescence and diabetes. We cover various topics throughout the year, including:

  • Spring: Pattern management and nutrition to support an active lifestyle.
  • Summer: Preparing for school and meal planning.
  • Fall: Age-appropriate responsibilities and holiday nutrition.
  • Winter: DKA and carbohydrate 101.

Additional topics, such as alcohol, pregnancy complications, exercise, and more, are addressed as needed. Our dietitians and social workers also contribute to the curriculum. See our resources & curriculum.

Seeing curriculum in action

At each appointment, we encourage teens to ask questions related to the current curriculum. Visual materials in exam rooms are available for reference between appointments, making learning practical and accessible.

Expectations for follow-up

We encourage patients to follow up at least every three months in line with American Diabetes Association recommendations. Depending on individual needs, more frequent visits may be scheduled.

Regular attendance in the Teen Diabetes Clinic appointments, available on Tuesdays in Woodbury and Wednesdays in Maple Grove, maximizes the benefits of the program.

Our collaborative team approach

Our dedicated Teen Diabetes Team is led by clinicians Jayne Chatterton, PNP, Libbie Tuthill, PNP, Carrie Leach, PNP, and Dr. Ewa Oberdorfer in Woodbury. In Maple Grove, clinicians Dr. Dunne, Angela Ashton, NP, and Jaime Barftknect, NP, head the team.

Our team also includes diabetes educators, dietitians, medical assistants, pediatric gynecologists, psychologists, and a clinical social worker.

Teen Incentive Program (TIP)

All patients participating in the Teen Diabetes Clinic are eligible for our monthly TIP drawings. At the beginning of the visit, patients are given a “passport” with team members checked for them to visit during their appointment. After their clinic visit, the “passport” is placed into the blue drawing box. Drawings are held the first week of each month, and winners are contacted via myChildren’s or phone and a prize is sent in the mail. Prizes include wireless earbuds, gift cards, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

At the Teen Diabetes Clinic, we’re here to empower you on your journey to managing diabetes during your teenage years and beyond. Call today to get started. 

Woodbury clinic

Maple Grove clinic

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