Diabetes education materials and resources

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Patient and Family Education Materials If you need quick, clear info about a kids’ health topic, we have it all!

Blood glucose testing How to check blood sugar in a child with diabetes.

Blood sugar record

Children and teen health Articles from The Endocrine Society about delayed puberty, growth hormone deficiency and other hormone disorders.

Desmopressin (DDAVP®) for diabetes insipidus Fact sheet about medication for a rare form of diabetes.

Diabetes care manual A detailed guide to managing diabetes.

Diabetes and Exercise Guidelines

Diabetes Education Videos and Resources

Endocrine testing What to expect at an IV endocrine test.

For parents and kids A large collection of helpful resources for families from the American Diabetes Association.

Imagine Camp The American Diabetes Association’s camp for children with diabetes.

Off to college Tips for teens on taking diabetes to college.

School training Diabetes Care Tasks at School: What Key Personnel Need to Know

Sick day review What to do when your child with diabetes gets sick.

T1D in school A School Advisory Toolkit and other information about managing type 1 diabetes in the classroom.

Teens Resources for teens with diabetes from the National Diabetes Education Program.

Insulin instructions and worksheets:

Classes and programs

Diabetes classes are open to children with diabetes, families and caregivers. Classes cover diabetes basics, insulin dose adjustments, insulin pump use, continuous glucose sensor therapy, the teen transition to adulthood and more. Please reach out to the Diabetes Endo Educators through MyChildren’s to learn more.

Diabetes Connect is a network for children with diabetes and their families to connect with others on the same journey. Meetings are held at the Children’s Minnesota St. Paul Campus on the second Tuesday of each month (October-April) from 6:30-7:45 p.m. For more information, call 651-220-6624.

Initial education video series

Understanding diabetes

Understanding insulin

Learn about hypoglycemia

Ketones and sick day management

Resources and additional information for insulin users

Pump 101 resources

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Pump 101 videos

Pump ordering process

What is pump therapy

Parts of a pump

Insulin dosing on pump therapy

Preventing and treating ketones on a pump


All about diabetes tech

Tandem insulin pump

Omnipod insulin pump

Medtronic insulin pump

Sensor 101 resources

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Sensor 101: What is CGM therapy?

All about diabetes technology: Dexcom

All about diabetes technology: Libre

All about diabetes technology: Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM

Videos below may take several seconds to load. You can also view them via this YouTube playlist.

Meters on Glooko mobile app


Dexcom CGM


Libre CGM


Tandem insulin pump


Omnipod 5 (Gen 5) insulin pump


Omnipod Eros (Gen 3) and DASH (Gen 4) insulin pumps


Medtronic insulin pump

Hear from Dr. Laura Gandrud, pediatric endocrinologist, about diabetes in children:

Differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

Prevalence of Type 1 Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes treatment

Medical complications from diabetes

Teen Diabetes Clinic resources

The Shift Program resources

Other resources to know

These organizations offer additional information about diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

American Diabetes Association
763-593-5333 (Minneapolis/St. Paul office)

Hormone Health Network

JDRF (formerly Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
952-851-0770 (MinnDakotas chapter)