The Shift Program: Empowering teens and young adults with diabetes

Are you a high school or college student ready to transition to adult diabetes care? The Shift Program is designed for you.

Transitioning to adult endocrinology care is essential for your continued well-being as you enter adulthood. The Shift Program guides adolescent and young adult diabetes patients from pediatric to adult endocrinology care seamlessly. We provide you with scripts, hands-on support, and other tools to help you with your transition.

When to transition

Our pediatric diabetes specialists can care for you until you reach one of these milestones:

  • Turning 22
  • Graduating from college
  • Living independently away from guardian(s)
  • Getting married
  • Becoming pregnant/having a child

At this point, it’s time to transition to specialized adult endocrinology care while maintaining comprehensive diabetes management.

What you will learn in The Shift Program

The Shift Program uses skill-based learning to empower you with practical skills through routine follow-up care. You’ll learn to navigate the healthcare system, including:

  • Understanding insurance: Review your coverage and find in-network adult endocrinologists.
  • Scheduling appointments: Easily schedule appointments with confidence.
  • Gathering records: Collect essential medical records and history.
  • Building support system: Identify members of your diabetes support team.
  • Self-advocacy: Develop self-advocacy skills to ensure your unique healthcare needs are met.

By actively participating in your diabetes management, you’ll gain a sense of responsibility and empowerment. When the time comes to shift to adult care, we offer hands-on assistance.

Ask your diabetes provider if you would like to participate or learn more about our Shift Program!


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