Complete care for diabetes and hormone disorders

The diabetes and endocrine program at Children’s Minnesota offers a full range of services. You might know us as the largest treatment program for kids with type 1 diabetes in the state. But that isn’t all we do. We’re experts on anything involving endocrine glands and the hormones they release.

Our patients include babies, children, teens and young adults, ages birth to 22. We diagnose and treat type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and many other endocrine diseases. But we provide just one type of care: exceptional.

We specialize in everything endocrine

Type 1 diabetes is among the most common long-term childhood diseases. It affects about 1 in every 400 children and teens under age 20. In addition, a number of other endocrine disorders can occur in kids this age. At Children’s, we diagnose and treat the whole gamut of endocrine problems, including:

  • Type 1 diabetes — A disease in which the pancreas stops making a hormone called insulin. Also called juvenile-onset diabetes, it usually starts in childhood or adolescence.
  • Type 2 diabetes — A disease in which the pancreas still makes insulin, but the insulin doesn’t work properly. Also called adult-onset diabetes, it typically starts in adulthood, but it’s becoming more common in teens.
  • Adrenal disorders — Diseases in which the adrenal glands make either too much or too little hormone.
  • Growth disorders — Problems that prevent kids from developing a normal height or weight.
  • Hypoglycemia — An abnormally low level of glucose in the blood.
  • Pituitary disorders — Problems with the body’s master control gland, which may lead to having too much or too little of any hormone.
  • Puberty disorders — Conditions in which sexual maturation is either abnormally early or delayed.
  • Thyroid disorders — Diseases in which the thyroid gland is either too active or not active enough.
  • Bone disorders — includes diseases resulting from problems with the hormones that normally control bone growth and development.

Our wide range of services sets us apart

Our diabetes and endocrine specialists do it all, from making the initial diagnosis to providing ongoing treatment. Along the way, we teach you and your child how to manage a disease confidently and effectively. We offer many outstanding services, including:

  • Comprehensive endocrine testing and care. We do a wide variety of endocrine tests, either in the clinic or in a short-stay unit of the hospital. In addition, we offer various options for drug therapy, including oral medicines, injections, IV infusions and time-release capsules that are inserted under the skin.
  • Advanced technology for diabetes care. We give children and families the access to the latest diabetes devices, including insulin pumps and continuous glucose sensing systems (devices with a sensor placed under the skin to continually measure glucose in the fluid between cells).
  • School re-entry program. This innovative program helps the classmates of children with diabetes better understand the disease, to decrease classmates’ fears and reduce the likelihood of teasing or rumors. We provide resource materials and a visit to the classroom by a child life specialist.
  • Teen Transitions and other classes. We offer a dozen classes for children with diabetes and their families. The Teen Transitions class helps teens make the transition to adult life, covering topics such as managing diabetes at college and work. Learn more by attending one of our diabetes education opportunities.
  • Thyroid interdisciplinary team. This team of endocrinologists, head and neck surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists collaborate on diagnosis, management, and up-to-date standards of care for children and young adults with thyroid lesions.
  • Newborn screening follow-up services. We provide follow-up consultation and care for abnormal screens.


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