At Children’s  Minnesota, everything we do is for the kids. So, we’re always looking for input from our patients and their families.

Whether your child is (or has been) a patient at one of our clinics, hospitals or both — there are lots of ways that your family can help. Together, we can make the Children’s experience better for patients and families, like yours.

Patient and family involvement opportunities

Children’s Families as Partners team promotes, coordinates and supports family involvement throughout Children’s. We have several pathways that engage patients and families in the life of the hospital.

  • The Family Advisory Council is a diverse group of parents and caregivers whose children have received care at one of Children’s facilities through both inpatient and outpatient experiences.
  • You can help make the Children’s experience better for patients and families like you by getting involved with one of our Families as Partners opportunities:
    • Family-to-Family is a pathway where veteran patient families use their experiences to mentor, provide encouragement, emotional support and non-medical information to other families.
    • Family Advocates play a role in advocating on behalf of Children’s patients and the health of all children. Families receive specific training and are informed of advocacy opportunities in regard to public policy issues affecting the health of children.
    • Family Advisors  are designated family representatives involved in committees, design teams, unit advisory councils, experience teams, policy groups, family panels, family focus groups and family testimonial events.
  • The Youth Advisory Council is a dedicated group of patients, ages 10 to 18, that offers practical ideas on how to help Children’s focus even more closely on the special needs of children and teens.

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