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Dr. Gigi Chawla joins panel discussion on the importance of early childhood education

After a screening of the documentary No Small Matter, Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics, spoke on the on the importance of the first five years of child development during a panel discussion.

Dr. Tamara Pozos speaks on patient with rare diagnosis of Hyper-IgM Syndrome

Dr. Tamara Pozos, medical director of immunology, explains what a diagnosis of Hyper-IgM Syndrome means for infant patient Wally Brown.

Children’s Minnesota supports asthma management in schools through its $500,000 grant from Kohl’s Cares

Children’s Minnesota is using a $500,000, two-year grant from Kohl’s Cares to provide resources to Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools and the KIPP charter school.

Winter weather closures February 20, 2019

Due to winter weather conditions, some of our clinics’ hours are affected.

Setting the stage for kids to lead healthy lifestyles

Trevor Sawallish on trends and opportunities for ambulatory surgery centers

Trevor Sawallish, senior vice president of clinical operations and COO, spoke on industry trends and what Children’s recent accreditation as a Level I surgery center by the American College of Surgeons means for the organization.

Dr. Robert Tibesar on patient’s remarkable recovery after airway reconstruction surgery

Dr. Robert Tibesar, a pediatric otolaryngologist, commented on patient Zoey Ellis’ recovery after having airway reconstruction surgery to repair a block related to congenital high airway obstruction syndrome (CHAOS).

Dr. Mark Hudson speaks on the importance of teaching kids to use anatomical terms

Dr. Mark Hudson, medical director of the Midwest Children’s Resource Center, explains why parents should teach young children to use anatomical terms for their body parts.

Winter weather closures February 7, 2019

Due to winter weather conditions, some of our clinics’ hours are affected.

Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd on the impact hate speech has on teens

Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, director of medical education, explains why teens are more vulnerable to the influences of hate speech.