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Omphalocele (uhm-fa-lo-seal) is a birth abnormality of the abdominal wall whereby the infant's intestines, liver, or other organs are contained within a sac that sticks outside the baby through the navel. Omphalocele treatment is available at Midwest Fetal Care Center.


Gastroschisis (gas-tro-ski-sis) occurs when a baby is born with the bowel and sometimes other organs coming through an opening in the abdomen (belly). The Midwest Fetal Care Center offers expert gastroschisis treatment and care.

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

The diaphragm muscle divides your chest and abdomen and it helps with breathing.

For Health Professionals

At Midwest Fetal Care Center, a collaboration between Children's Minnesota and Allina Health, we understand care involves an entire team. If your patient’s ultrasound results are abnormal, we’re here to help. As the largest program of its kind in the Upper Midwest, our fetal care program provides evaluation, diagnosis and intervention for high-risk pregnancies.

Location and Contact Us

Our fetal care experts see patients for initial consultations and follow-up in our new clinic located in the first floor front entrance of The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern and Children's Minnesota in Minneapolis. Parking is available in the Blue/26th Street Visitor ramp, located to the east of The Mother Baby Center.


We realize that you may have a lot of questions related to you, your baby and your care, before and after your baby is born. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions by new or expectant moms and families. As always, because every case is different, please discuss your individual needs with your doctor.

Outcomes and Research

At Midwest Fetal Care Center, our team is committed to research as well as improving outcomes for moms and babies facing high-risk pregnancies.

What to Expect

Sometimes, routine prenatal ultrasounds are anything but routine. If you or your doctor has a potential concern about your screening ultrasound results or any other prenatal testing, you may be referred to Midwest Fetal Care Center, a collaboration between Children's Minnestoa and Allina Health, for further evaluation.

Meet the Team

Midwest Fetal Care Center combines years of experience for the diagnosis and treatment of complex fetal conditions. Our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care plans available while achieving excellent outcomes.

Conditions and Services

Midwest Fetal Care Center offers mothers with high-risk pregnancy and babies with abnormal conditions a continuum of care that is among the best in the nation. From evaluation and diagnosis to fetal surgery and follow-up care, our fetal program offers mothers and babies all the experts and technology they will need in one convenient location.