Effective May 11, some surgeries are being scheduled. Please click here for the most up to date information on our surgery centers.

Pre-surgery tours overview

Due to Level 0 visiting standards, pre-op tours will be suspended until further notice. Review our visiting guidelines here.

If your child is having surgery, our pre-surgery tours are recommended. These programs are designed to help patients, parents, siblings, and other family members to learn what to expect before, during, and after the surgery day (including care at home).



Surgery updates

Some surgeries are being scheduled at Children’s Minnesota Surgery Centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Children’s Minnesota Surgery and Specialty Center in Minnetonka continues to be temporarily closed.

A COVID-19 test is needed before scheduled surgeries at Children’s Minnesota. The COVID-19 test is important to ensure we can provide the best care and determine the timing for your child’s care and treatment.