COVID-19 info: Surgeries are being scheduled at our surgery centers. We are taking precautions to keep your family safe.  Learn more about what to expect for surgery »

Some surgeries are being scheduled at Children’s Minnesota Surgery Centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Children’s Minnesota Surgery and Specialty Center in Minnetonka continues to be temporarily closed.

A COVID-19 test is needed before scheduled surgeries at Children’s Minnesota. The COVID-19 test is important to ensure we can provide the best care and determine the timing for your child’s care and treatment.

If your child is scheduled for surgery at Children’s Minnesota, click here for more information about preparing for surgery at this time:
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Getting ready for surgery

To help you and your family prepare for surgery, we’ve compiled Children’s Minnesota resources specific to parents, teens and kids.

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Packing list

Customize this packing list to meet your family’s needs.

Crisis iconAny items that can be washed need to be washed before you bring them to the hospital (stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, etc.).

Daytime hospital visit

It helps to bring the following items whether you are spending the night or not:

  • Books
  • Phone or other electronic devices and chargers
  • Toys or activities
  • Comfortable loose clothes to wear home (sweatpants, stretchy pajama pants,
  • Comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket, etc.)
  • Any home medical equipment your child needs (BiPap, ventilator, etc.)
  • List of any questions you have

Bring all required documents:

  • Copy of Medical History and Physical Exam Form (PDF file)
  • Insurance cards
  • Guardianship papers (if applicable)
  • List of medications your child is taking (It helps to bring the medicines with you.)
  • If your child got a COVID-19 test (PDF file) at another testing site (not at Children’s Minnesota), you must bring a copy of your COVID-19 test results on the day of surgery. Bring at least one of these acceptable forms of COVID-19 test documentation:
    • Printed copy
    • Faxed results
    • Results from a patient care portal

Overnight hospital stay

We’ll tell you if you’re staying overnight during scheduling or during your call with a nurse before surgery. Here are a few more things you may want to pack if your child is staying overnight:

  • Bathrobe, slippers, pajamas, loungewear
  • Comfortable regular clothes
  • School work
  • Personal toiletry items (deodorant, comb, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Headphones or speakers

COVID-19 safety at Children’s Minnesota

Learn how we’re changing health care to keep your family safe.