COVID-19 info: Surgeries are being scheduled at our surgery centers. We are taking precautions to keep your family safe.  Learn more about what to expect for surgery »

Some surgeries are being scheduled at Children’s Minnesota Surgery Centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Children’s Minnesota Surgery and Specialty Center in Minnetonka continues to be temporarily closed.

A COVID-19 test is needed before scheduled surgeries at Children’s Minnesota. The COVID-19 test is important to ensure we can provide the best care and determine the timing for your child’s care and treatment.

If your child is scheduled for surgery at Children’s Minnesota, click here for more information about preparing for surgery at this time:
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Getting ready for surgery

To help you and your family prepare for surgery, we’ve compiled Children’s Minnesota resources specific to parents, teens and kids.

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Helping kids prepare for surgery

My Surgery Story

It’s important to help your child understand what to expect for surgery. You know your child best, so we developed My Surgery Story which you can customize to your child’s individual needs. Add your own photos and captions, or use the story as it is. The story can also be a meaningful way to help your child process the experience after surgery.

My Surgery Story is a Google Slides document. You can print or download the document as an editable PowerPoint, or you can edit the document in Google Slides if you have a Google account (opens in new window). Once you are logged in, you can save a copy of the document to your own account and edit that copy.

Coloring book about surgery

Download and print this Coloring Book About Surgery PDF.

COVID-19 safety at Children’s Minnesota

Learn how we’re changing health care to keep your family safe.