Education materials and other resources

Patient and Family Education Materials If you need quick, clear info about a kids’ health topic, we have it all

Anesthesia: Questions and answers What it is, how it’s delivered and how you can prepare your child (Somali and Spanish translations available at link).

Chiari I Malformation Learn about this condition in which part of the brain extends into the spinal canal.

Eating and drinking before anesthesia or sedation Read up on these important pre-surgery safety measures (Somali and Spanish translations available at link).

Epidural analgesia Learn about this common type of anesthesia that blocks pain without causing loss of consciousness.

Helping children cope with medical procedures Tips for helping kids feel more calm and relaxed before surgery.

Hydrocephalus Read up on this brain condition in babies and young children, which often requires surgical treatment (Spanish translation available at link).

Information for parents about integrative medicine How mind-body therapies can help you and your child cope before and after neurosurgery.

Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) in premature infants What it is, how it’s diagnosed and its effects on babies’ development.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Find out what’s involved in this brain imaging procedure, plus tips for preparing your child.

Medicine safety Ways to prevent accidental overdoses, adverse interactions and other errors (Spanish translation available at link).

Mobility changes: Helping children cope Ideas for comforting and entertaining a kid who’s stuck in bed.

Nitrous oxide for sedation How and when it’s used, what to expect and how to help kids prepare (Spanish translation available at link).

Pain in children and adolescents Read up on Children’s approach to pain management, plus how to help your child cope (Hmong, Somali, and Spanish translations available at link).

Pain in infants Why it happens, how to recognize it and Children’s approach to relieving it (Hmong, Somali, and Spanish translations available at link).

Patient-controlled analgesia Learn about a procedure that allows kids to take control of their pain management.

Peripherally inserted central catheter: Care at home Tips for cleaning, flushing and preventing infection.

Flat Head Syndrome (Posit. Plagio) Learn about the causes and treatment of skull malformation in infants.

Sedation for a procedure What it is, plus tips on caring for your child afterward (Spanish translation available at link).

Seizures First aid instructions, plus when to seek medical help or emergency care (Hmong and Spanish translations available at link).

Sturge-Weber Syndrome Read up on this vascular disorder that can affect the brain and spinal cord (also in Hmong).

Wound care Tips for caring for a surgical site at home and preventing infection (Hmong, Somali, and Spanish translations available at link).