Helping parents prepare for your child’s surgery

Parent’s Checklist: a list of things to do to prepare for surgery

  • Schedule your child’s History and Physical exam.
  • Learn about how you can help prepare your child for their visit.
  • Attend a pre-surgery tour if possible. It is designed for both parents and children having surgery.
  • Arrange childcare for any siblings. Siblings are welcome in the hospital, but on the day of surgery it helps if you can focus as much energy as possible on your child who is having surgery.
  • Stock-up on supplies your child will need after surgery. If there is any special diet or over the counter pain medicine recommended by your doctor, it helps to make sure you have those items ahead of time.
  • Coordinate with your employer any needed time off.
  • Coordinate with your child’s teacher if your child will be missing school (homework or special needs).
  • Understand your child’s eating and drinking (NPO) Guidelines that govern the hours before surgery so you know when your child should stop eating or drinking before surgery. We will call you before surgery and give you pre-surgery instructions.
  • Pre-register for surgery


To make the check-in process as easy as possible, we encourage patients who have an appointment for Surgery, Radiology (X-Ray) or Special Diagnostics to pre-register online.


Take a tour designed to help patients and family members to learn what to expect before, during, and after surgery day.