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NICU Follow-Up Program 2 months

Adjusted age: measured from the due date

What to expect this month

You are probably watching your baby’s growth and development closely. Premature babies may not look or act the same as full-term babies. Parents sometimes wonder, “Is my baby slow? Will my baby catch up?”

It is normal to have these concerns.

Caring for your baby

Equipment safety

If you buy or borrow used baby equipment, carefully check to make sure it is safe. A few tips:

  • Wash everything before using it.
  • Only items painted with lead-free paint are safe for baby. Check for chipping paint.
  • Add a seat strap to any high chair or infant seat that does not already have one. You can make one using a strong belt.
  • Do not use drop-side crib rails.
  • The crib mattress must fit snugly against the sides of the crib. Crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.
  • Keep items like pillows, bumper pads, quilts, comforters, stuffed toys and positioning devices out of the crib.
  • Make sure the equipment has no bolts or other rough metal parts within baby’s reach.
  • Hanging crib toys should be out of reach.

This month with baby

Here’s what 2-month-old babies might tell you...if they could!


I may need feeding a bit less often now, which gives you a little more freedom. Leave me with a trusted sitter or grandparent and treat yourself to a few hours away. You deserve a break every now and then.


I now respond to your voice and enjoy being in the middle of family activities. By now you’ve discovered that I won’t break, even though I still seem so tiny!


I like to make sounds and listen to myself.

Sometimes I like to coo to myself, and other times I enjoy having a “conversation” with you. Pretend you understand what I’m saying and respond to me. I’ll love this game!


I spend time “studying” my hands, trying to discover what is part of me and what is not. If you stroke the back of my hand, I will open my fist.

NICU Follow-Up Program

612-813-6722 Children’s - Minneapolis
651-220-8063 Children’s - St. Paul

Last reviewed 12/2015

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