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Your child is scheduled for an electrocardiogram at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.


Test time:

Check-in time:

Bring your insurance card with you.

___ Children's - Minneapolis
Special Diagnostics – 1st floor
2525 Chicago Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota

___ Children's - St. Paul
Welcome desk, front entrance
347 North Smith Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota

___ Partners in Pediatrics Brooklyn Park Clinic
8500 Edinbrook Parkway
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

___ Partners in Pediatrics Maple Grove Clinic
12720 Bass Lake Road
Maple Grove, Minnesota


What is an electrocardiogram?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a painless, safe test that measures the speed and rhythm of the heartbeat. It can help doctors identify the cause of some health problems and determine the effects of cardiac (heart) medicines.

Can I be with my child during the test?

The procedure takes about 15 minutes, and you are welcome to stay. Please do not bring siblings.

How is it done?

Ten electrodes (small disks) will be put on your child's arms, legs, and chest. Wires are attached to the electrodes and connected to a machine. The heartbeat is recorded on graph paper.

The machine does not send electricity though the body but picks up the body's natural electrical signals.

The results will be reviewed by a pediatric cardiologist (a doctor who specializes in the heart). A report will be sent to your child's doctor.

How should I prepare my child?

Explain how the test is done, especially what your child will see, hear, and feel. Tell your child that the test does not hurt. Answer as many questions as you can.

Your child must hold very still for about a minute during the test. This is most important. The signals are so small that any movement can interfere with the recording.

Some younger children may find it helpful to bring a favorite toy, blanket, or pacifier to help them feel more comfortable.

What else do I need to know?

If you have questions about insurance coverage, or any special referral requirements, please contact your insurance company directly. They are best suited to advise you regarding your insurance plan.


This is not specific to your child but provides general information. If you have questions about the results, please call the doctor. If you have any questions about the test, please call 612-813-6966.

Last reviewed 1/2016

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