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Electroencephalogram instructions (ambulatory)

You will be given a diary and extra gel to take home. You will need to fill the electrodes with gel from the syringe for the times listed below. All electrodes must be filled or the test will not work. Remove the protective cover from the syringe and squirt the gel into the center hole of each electrode.

Gel times







Please record all your child's activity and behavior in the diary.
Some examples of activities are:

  • eating, drinking
  • sleeping, waking up
  • active play
  • playing video games
  • crying, fussing
  • sucking on a bottle or pacifier
  • taking medicines
  • any medical care or treatment

Push the event button and indicate the time when your child has any seizure activity or abnormal behavior. Write in the diary exactly what you saw.

It is very important to limit activity during the recording time. Do not let your child:

  • scratch his or her head
  • get the recorder or wires wet
  • wash hair, shower, or bathe
  • sleep on a waterbed
  • wear a hat
  • chew gum or eat a lot of snacks
  • let anyone play with the recorder
  • wear a Walkman®, or headphones
  • wrestle or play roughly
  • remove the recorder from the case
  • drop the recorder

Your child will have an appointment at Children's the next day. Please bring the diary and equipment in the backpack. The technologist will remove the electrodes with acetone and rub with cotton to help remove the glue from your child's hair. If any residue remains, it is not harmful and will come off over time.


This sheet is not specific to your child but provides general information. For questions about why your child is being tested, please ask your child's doctor.

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