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Breast pumping: Hands-free

What is hands-free pumping?

It is a way to make pumping easier by supporting the funnels when using a double electric breast pump. This should make pumping more relaxing and assist with “hands on” pumping or breast compression.

Why should I use hands-free pumping?

You can empty your breasts more completely by massaging and gently squeezing them while the pump is providing suction to your breasts.You can also relax, eat or read while using the hands-free pumping device.

How can I make the do-it-yourself hands-free device?

Use 4 elastic ponytail holder or heavy rubber bands.  Wrap 2 bands around each other to make a figure eight.  Place one loop in the hook of your nursing bra and the other loop around the narrow part of the funnel.

Abdominal binders can also be used to assist hands-free pumping. Check with your post-partum nurse or your baby’s nurse.  Make a mark on the fabric over your nipple, then cut a small slit or an “X” to provide a hole for the narrow part of the funnel.

Do-it-yourself pumping bra

You can also cut a small slit in the cups of a sports bra or an old bra.  The narrow part of the funnel can come out this hole.  A breast pad will cover the hole when you are not pumping.

A Hands-Free Pumping Band is a fabric band that is like a tube top with a zipper and two holes. Medela makes Easy Expressions ($25 online) and Lansinoh makes Simple Wishes ($20 online).

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