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Transitioning to Adult Health Care

Children’s Minnesota cares about you! We want to start talking with you about the transition from pediatric care here at Children’s to adult care so you can receive excellent healthcare during your entire life. This means working with you, and your parent/caregiver to plan for transitioning to adult care as you begin to manage your own healthcare decisions.

At age 18, state and federal laws recognize you as an adult. As an adult, you will decide who gets medical information. We will only discuss your information with others with your written consent. To give consent, you will need to fill out an Authorization/Request for Information. This can be found by asking one of our clinics or at If you have a condition that limits you from making independent healthcare choices, we can provide a list of resources for you and your parent/caregiver on guardianship and other options.

Transitioning to adult care takes place before your 22nd birthday. On rare occasions, this age can vary between clinics, so please ask your provider if you have questions. We do see new patients 18 years and older at our adolescent medicine clinic. Because you are over 18, we recommend you be seen in our adolescent medicine clinic or seek care at another health care facility that cares for adults. 

To be sure your transition is as smooth as possible, consult with all of your pediatric healthcare providers to transfer your medical records to the adult providers of your choice.

Your health is important to us. If you have any questions, please reach out.

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This page is not specific to your child, but provides general information on the topic above. If you have any questions, please call your clinic. For more reading material about this and other health topics, please call or visit Children's Minnesota Family Resource Center library, or visit

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