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Feeling Good About Your Body

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Do you wish you could change something about your body? It’s normal to think about it sometimes.

Kids' bodies change as they go through puberty. But it doesn't happen at the same time for every kid. Some kids develop early. They may get muscles or curves before other kids do. It might feel awkward at first. They might feel proud, too. Other kids develop much later. Some kids may wish they would hurry up and grow.

But there's no way to rush it along. Body changes won’t happen until you are going through puberty. For some kids, it's hard to be patient. Other kids are fine with waiting.

Some kids are not sure they’re ready for the changes that puberty might bring. If you feel this way, share your feelings with your parent, your doctor, or another trusted adult.

As your body changes, the way you feel about it might change too.

What Can Help Kids Feel Good About Their Bodies?

Here are some tips to feel good about your body:

Think of things your body can do. Are you a fast runner? Are you strong? Can you dribble a ball? Ride a bike or a skateboard? Play sled hockey? Move to your favorite music? Hike up a hill? Do a cartwheel? Balance in tree pose? Give a hug?

Take a moment to be glad for what your body can do.

Think of things you like about your body. Do you have long legs? Strong shoulders? A great smile? A friendly face? Try to see the good things others see when they look at you.

Eat good foods. Feed your body healthy foods. Eating a healthy diet helps you look and feel your best. It gives you energy and keeps your body working well.

Get to bed on time. Your body needs plenty of sleep to look good and stay healthy. Sleep lets you recharge so you can learn and play all day.

Be active every day. When you move your body, you exercise your muscles. When you exercise a muscle, it gets stronger. With strong muscles, your body is fit and healthy. You can be active by playing, dancing, doing a sport — or even cleaning your room.

Keep your body clean and groomed. Take a shower or bath. Wash your hair and face. Brush your teeth. Wear clean clothes. Find your style. Stand up tall and proud. Take a good look at fresh, clean you. Let yourself feel happy with how you look.

Focus on healthy habits. People come in all shapes and sizes. You can be healthy and feel good about your body when you live a healthy life. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, limit treats and sugary drinks, exercise at least 60 minutes a day, keep screen time in check, and get enough sleep. If you are concerned about your weight, talk to your doctor about healthy eating and ways to be active.

Talk to a parent. If you're not comfortable with your body, or you’re having trouble feeling good about your body, tell a parent how you feel. Talk about ways you can feel happier and more comfortable with your body.

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