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Can Vision Problems Affect Schoolwork?

My son has had poor vision for a while and wears glasses. He's always struggled in school, and I'm wondering if his vision problems are to blame.

Your doctor and eye specialist know your son's history best, but generally if a child's vision is corrected with glasses, it's not likely that a vision problem is causing learning difficulties.

Still, some kids might struggle in school if their prescription changes and they're wearing glasses that are outdated. Make sure that your son's vision is checked while he's wearing his glasses to be sure they're the right prescription.

Also, some kids have undiagnosed amblyopia (or "lazy eye"), which causes them to develop good vision in one eye and poor vision in the other. Parents might notice poor grades or clumsiness as a result. Treatment by an eye doctor can correct the problem and strengthen vision.

If his vision isn't the problem, you might want your son to be evaluated by a doctor who specializes in learning problems. Such problems are common — and sometimes hard to spot. Once better defined, steps can be taken to improve his academic situation.

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