Conferences for Health Professionals

Children’s Minnesota regularly offers conferences to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who work with children, such as pediatricians, family practice physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

We offer specialized conferences throughout the year and two annual conferences. Our annual conferences are:

  • Practical Pediatrics for Primary Care presents content helpful to those working in a clinic setting and is held each fall.
  • Pediatric Update focuses on a topic to relevant to mental health and is presented in the spring.

Online Medical Training Academy

Online Medical Training Academy is a rigorous set of online modules to prepare clinicians in correctly identifying and diagnosing child physical and sexual abuse. This training provides a thorough review of nationally recognized Guidelines for Medical Care of Children Who may have been Sexually Abused (Adams et al, 2007). Topics covered include: behavioral and physical indicators of sexual abuse, role of the clinician, pertinent review of literature, peer review principles and practices, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), abusive head trauma, skeletal injuries, cutaneous injuries and neglect and failure to thrive. Registration.


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