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Primary care transition to adult health care 

The transition from child to adult health care is one of the many changes that you will experience as you get older – along with school, work, social life, and more. Your Children’s Minnesota or Partners in Pediatrics primary care team are here to help you with this change.

New patients 18+

Are you 18 years of age or older and searching for a primary care clinician? Children’s Minnesota and Partners in Pediatrics primary care and walk-in Ready Care clinics no longer accepts new patients 18 years of age or older. Here are some helpful tips when seeking another health care facility that cares for adults.

At Children’s Minnesota and Partners in Pediatrics primary care clinics, transitioning to adult health care happens before your 22nd birthday. 

How to plan for this transition 

You and your parent/caregiver should talk with your primary care clinician about the transition from pediatric primary care to a trusted adult primary care clinician so you can get the care you need throughout adulthood.  

Additionally, please schedule your annual physical exam with us before you turn age 22. At this visit, we will ensure your exam summarizes your medical information and needs for an adult care clinician.  

You have options to transition your care

  • You can transition to Children’s Minnesota’s Adolescent Health Clinic at the Children’s Specialty Center in Minneapolis through age 23, or  
  • You can transition to an adult primary care clinician. Tips to help you find an adult primary care clinician include:  
    • Ask your current clinician for a referral.  
    • Check with your health insurance to know which clinicians are in-network. 
    • Search for a clinician near where you live.  

Your partners in making a smooth transition

Your pediatric primary care team are your partners in the process to transition you to adult primary care. Talk with your clinician about your options and questions to help make this transition as easy as possible.  

Additional resources

For adult health care transition-related information and resources, visit the Got Transition website.   

Mai Songsawatwong