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Dr. Mark Bergeron discusses pediatric virtual care with MetroDoctors

Mark Bergeron, MD, MPH Medical Director of Children’s Minnesota Special Care Nurseries, Neonatal Virtual Care and Associate Medical Director of Level IV NICU, discussed the strides made in virtual care at Children’s Minnesota, including the latest expansion into Neonatal Virtual Care with MetroDoctors.

Virtual care continues to reshape the health care landscape, creating innovative paths to forge new partnerships and providing a more patient-centric platform to improve quality of care. Children’s has witnessed the success of virtual care in reaching past, present and future patients, often positively impacting outcomes. Through virtual care, Children’s offers a more convenient experience for patients, reaching them where they are, be it at a different hospital, local clinic, school or simply at home.

Read more about the development, expansion, challenges and the way Children’s is moving forward with pediatric virtual care in the full MetroDoctors article: Expanding partnerships in pediatric virtual care – the Children’s Minnesota way.

Alexandra Rothstein