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5 spooky (and healthy!) snacks kids will love for Halloween

When many people — especially children — think of holidays, they often think of eating candy and sweets. It can be really hard for parents to get kids to eat healthy foods on Halloween, but if kids try to only eat candy all day they might end the night feeling really sick.

But healthy foods certainly don’t have to be boring! Here are some fun, spooky and, most importantly, yummy snacks you can serve your kids on Halloween.

Mummy dogs

Wrap a hot dog in a skinny slice of pre-made dough from the grocery store (you can find this in the refrigerator section!) and bake in the oven until the dough is cooked through. Follow the instructions on the dough for how long to bake.

mummy dogs
monster teeth

Monster teeth

Slather your family’s favorite nut butter between two apple slices and add yogurt covered nuts to look like teeth.

Pumpkin cuties

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Peel a cutie or an orange, then stick a small celery stick in the center. It’ll look just like a pumpkin!

Ghost bananas

No tricks here! Just add a face to a banana using raisins or chocolate chips.

pumpkin cuties and ghost bananas


Using your child’s favorite kind of cheese stick, make vertical cuts at the bottom of the stick — but not all the way through — to make the broom. Add a small pretzel stick to use as the handle and enjoy.

Even though Halloween is only one night of the year, it’s important that kids still eat healthy foods before indulging in candy. Serving some of these recipes on Halloween can help kids get the energy they need to celebrate and can help them enjoy treats in moderation.

Kaitlyn Kamleiter