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Star Studio producer shares her one-year career experience at Children’s Minnesota 

At Children’s Minnesota, we believe children always come first. They are awesomely resilient. Eternally optimistic. Totally fearless. They are what we want to be when we grow up.  

Celebrating an incredible 15 years with Star Studio! 

To help kids getting care at Children’s Minnesota, we launched Star Studio, our in-house TV station, 15 years ago on Jan. 3, 2008. Star Studio is meant to be an oasis for our patients because we believe that kids should get to be kids, no matter what they are going through.  

Through the last 15 years, Star Studio has gone through many changes, but something that will never change is the ability of the Star Studio team to put smiles on patients’ faces the minute they turn on Channel 13.  

We are excited to announce that our employee spotlight this week is Sarah Agnew, a producer from Star Studio! Sarah has been working at Star Studio for a year and she will be sharing all of her favorite thing about her career below. 

What’s your position and how long have you been at Children’s Minnesota? 

I’m a producer at Star Studio, primarily focused on creating new pre-recorded content for the channel. I started Jan. 10, 2022.” 

What do you like about working at Star Studio? 

“I love conceiving and writing content for kids, and then collaborating with others to film and edit. The possibilities for growth on the channel are huge, so I really like the pursuit of providing more BIPOC and LGBTQ+ representation in all of our material so that patients and their families see themselves represented when they tune in to Channel 13. Eating lunch with The Dude is a highlight as well.” 

How do you feel Star Studio impacts our patients and families? 

“It seems to me that it really succeeds in being an oasis for kids and their families while they have to be at the hospital. A place where they can be silly whether they are in-person or watching from their rooms. They can participate in fun with a good dose of playful irreverence.” 

What has been your favorite moment so far while working at Star Studio?   

“This summer we had two kids in hospital waiting for hearts. Getting to know them and their families over an extended amount of time was really impactful to me.” 

If you could describe Star Studio in one word, what would it be? 


Tell us about the significance of Star Studio’s 15th anniversary. How does Star Studio plan to celebrate? 

“We’ll be having two celebrations, one at our Minneapolis hospital and the other at our St. Paul hospital. We’ll gather after Bingo and have food, photo booths, Bryce from Drawsome will be there making art and Suzie Juul will be leading karaoke in the studio. We’ll have snacks galore. There is a lot to celebrate to see this program begin with a sock puppet and evolve into what it is today!” 

Join the team! 

Do you love having fun and making an impact at the same time? Star Studio is seeking qualified candidates to join the team!  

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