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Mineral oil for ear cleaning

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Mineral oil for ear cleaning

Mineral oil works very nicely to treat problems with ear wax buildup. It is safe to use in a patient with ear tubes or a hole in the eardrum.

How does mineral oil work?

Mineral oil works by turning hard wax and dry wax into a soft liquid substance. This allows the wax to drain from the ear on its own.

When to use mineral oil

  • To treat general wax buildup. 
  • As a maintenance therapy to prevent future wax buildup. 
  • May be helpful in a patient with an ear tube that is blocked. 
  • To help aid in the removal of an ear tube that is lying in the ear canal.

Where is mineral oil purchased?

Mineral oil can be purchased over-the-counter at most drug stores without a prescription. It usually comes in a large bottle. You may want to purchase a small dropper bottle to place the mineral oil in.

How do I use it?

  • Mineral oil should be kept at and administered at room temperature. 
  • Instill 3-5 drops into the affected ear at bedtime. Over night the oil will turn the hard/dry wax into a liquid substance. 
  • In the morning, simply clean the outer part of the ear with a washcloth to remove the residual oil and ear wax.

How often should mineral oil be used?

  • During times of problematic wax buildup, mineral oil can be used daily. 
  • For maintenance, mineral oil can be administered one or two nights per week.

As always, please ask your doctor for details regarding your child's specific condition.


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