Teaming up to provide comfort for kids

When it comes to kids’ care, including palliative and hospice care, we believe they have the right to the best level of pain relief and symptom management that can be safely provided.

At Children’s Minnesota, the team takes an interdisciplinary approach to pain and symptom management, using drug and non-drug therapies. Families have an essential role in comforting a child, too. Our goal is to have staff and families work together to evaluate symptoms promptly and treat them effectively.

As an interdisciplinary team, we have experts with all different types of backgrounds and expertise including:

  • Pediatric palliative care physicians are doctors who have received additional training and are board-certified in palliative care.
  • Nurse manager oversees the program and helps coordinate your child’s care among the different members of the staff.
  • Nurse practitioners have received additional training in delivering palliative care.
  • Home care nurses provide palliative and hospice care within your home.
  • Pediatric pharmacists are special pharmacists who have additional training in prescribing medications for kids and are experienced in caring for kids receiving palliative care.
  • Psychologists help with the emotional difficulties that are often associated with experiencing a serious illness, especially among older kids and teenagers.
  • Clinical social workers assist patients and families with the physical, emotional and social issues and concerns that may be due to a serious illness.
  • Pediatric physical therapists are experts in evaluating and treating children who have difficulties moving their bodies, or whose pain affects their ability to move or function.
  • Certified child life specialists help children understand and cope with illness and other life events with developmentally appropriate techniques.
  • Chaplains are available to help children and their families integrate spiritual issues within their medical experience.
  • Music therapists promote comfort and healing through the use of music.
  • Volunteers are an additional support to help busy families meet the needs of their children.

Our palliative care and program works closely with professionals from many other services. Whatever your child’s or your family’s needs, we will work with you to address them. We will call upon others in your community should you need their support in the hospital or at home.

If you’re visiting the palliative program, keep an eye out for these key players:

Stefan Friedrichsdorf, MD
Medical Director of the Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic and the Pediatric Advanced Care Team

Kristina Catrine, MD
Consultant at the Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic and the Pediatric Advanced Care Team

See below for a list of the all-star doctors and nurse practitioners in the palliative care and hospice care program. (Click on their names to read their profiles.)