Aquatic therapy

The aquatic therapy program is available to patients from infancy to young adulthood. The patients served include children with musculoskeletal disease or injury, neuromuscular disease or injury, connective tissue disease, pain syndromes, developmental delay, gait disturbance, profound weakness, hemophilia, and oncology diagnoses. The aquatic therapy program is available at the St. Paul campus.

The program in St. Paul is unique, relative to the pool available. The pool features a variable speed treadmill, adjustable floor depth, resistive jets, underwater video cameras with live video display and water temperature maintained at 92 degrees. This allows for functional treatment individually tailored to the height and ability of the patient and allows for gait analysis and training, controlled resistive turbulence and video feedback during the therapy session.

All aquatic sessions are one-to-one and allow for caregiver presence in the water to assist. All therapists have pediatric expertise with additional competencies in aquatic therapy. Their goal is to make the aquatic experience as positive and enjoyable as possible for each child and family.