Thank you to our community of donors

Thank you for lighting the way for patients and families at Children’s Minnesota. These families find themselves on a journey they hadn’t planned, many with a destination that’s yet unknown. Your compassion and support are a beacon of hope and help to guide the way. Because of you, we are able to provide excellent and compassionate care today and tomorrow — and improve patient treatment and outcomes in the future, thanks to your support.

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Caden’s story

For parents, there is no happier day than the day they take their child home from the hospital. But for many children, like micropreemie Caden, Children’s Minnesota is a home away from home for a very long time.

Marc Gorelick

Children’s Minnesota President and CEO, Dr. Marc Gorelick, shares some of the ways Children’s Minnesota is changing to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow — and how your support is essential to everything we do.

Jennifer Soderholm

Children’s Minnesota Foundation President, Jennifer Soderholm, shares how donor support makes an enormous difference in the lives of kids and their families on some of their most difficult days.