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Join us for a community resources and gun buyback event in Minneapolis 

Update on a successful event

This is an update to the below article.

The Oct. 28 and 29 community resources and gun buyback event was a success! During the no-questions-asked gun buyback, the teams were able to successfully and safely collect 115 guns.

The guns from the buy-back event will be dismantled and turned into art by Art is My Weapon.

Volunteers at the community resources and gun buyback event

More American kids are dying from gunshot wounds than from any other cause, according to the most recent statistics. It’s devastating. But this is why, just this summer, Minnesota health care systems declared gun violence a public health crisis. 

As many know, and have experienced, gun violence is on the rise in the Twin Cities. To address this critical issue, a diverse group of community members, organizations and health care systems are joining together to find solutions. 

On Oct. 28 and 29, there will be a free community event that will focus on building relationships, providing resources and encouraging people to participate in the gun buyback opportunity. 

People can anonymously, no questions asked, turn in their guns in exchange for a gift card. Guns will be dismantled by trained experts onsite and later repurposed by local artists as part of the Art is My Weapon program. 

More information about the event 

Here’s what will be happening at this two-day event: 

Friday, Oct. 28 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

  • Community resources for housing, employment, medical, mental & physical health and emergency assistance. 
  • Free food 

Saturday, Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

  • Gun buyback: Bring your gun and exchange it for a gift card. No questions asked. 
    • A $150 gift card will be offered for hand guns and a $250 gift card will be offered for automatic and semi-automatic weapons and/or rifles.  
    • Guns must be unloaded and transported in a clear freezer bag or clear garbage bag.
  • Three-on-three basketball game 
  • Chess tournaments  
  • Free food 


Colin Powell Center
2924 4th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55407 

Learn more about this event. 

gun buyback event details

Why this event matters 

Priscilla Brown is the program manager of Urban Ventures-Pathways to New Beginnings/Nehemiah Program and co-organizer of the gun buyback community event. Brown shares her personal story about losing her son to gun violence: 

“As a mother who lost a son to gun violence 33 years ago, it’s disappointing to see no change in our community. It’s heartbreaking to see families continue to lament the loss of their sons and daughters. This gun buyback event represents an opportunity for us to end gun violence together by providing services to those who need them and removing guns from our streets.”  

Alexandra Rothstein