Annual review and competency training for volunteers

NOTE: This page is for current Children’s Minnesota volunteers only. Please do not complete these materials if you are not an active Children’s Minnesota volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, submit an application to our Volunteer Services department.

*Completion of both Annual review and competency training is required.

Annual review

Annual reviews are a requirement for all staff and volunteers. They ensure we are aligning ourselves with the Children’s Minnesota Way each time we walk through the doors. They also allow you the chance to provide feedback or ideas for our ever-evolving program.

Competency training

Children’s Minnesota is committed to providing ongoing training and support to our volunteers to ensure we are providing the highest-quality  care to our patients and families. Competency training is an assessment of your skills in various areas related to volunteer positions.

Please review this training presentation before completing the competency test:

Once you’ve reviewed these presentations, please complete your competency test form and annual evaluation here.


Contact volunteer services:

St. Paul: 651-220-6141
Minneapolis: 612-813-6200
Email us at [email protected]