24/7 referral, consult, admission, and transport assistance.


At Children’s, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.


The ECMO program at Children’s Minnesota is the largest provider of neonatal and pediatric ECMO in the state and has received the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization Award for Excellence in Life Support since 2008.

Conditions treated

  • Life Threatening Respiratory Failure
  • Life Threatening Heart Failure

Refer a patient

  • Patient Name
  • DOB
  • Referring provider
  • Primary care provider
  • Insurance information
  • Diagnosis and isolation requirements
  • Special needs requirements
  • Patient’s city and state
  • When to transfer a patient who might need ECMO
  • Neonatal ECMO inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Pediatric and young adult ECMO inclusion and exclusion criteria

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