Some of this specialty’s operations have changed due to COVID-19 concerns. See details here.

Meet the team

It may take a village to provide kids with the care they need to flourish, but that’s just fine with us. Our village includes some of the most experienced developmental specialists in Minnesota, such as:

  • Pediatric developmental physicians are doctors specially trained to find the most effective treatment for kids who develop differently.
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners (PNP) are nurses with master’s degrees specialized in pediatrics who assess children and work collaboratively with your family and other providers.
  • Intake coordinator is the first member of our team who talks with families when they call to arrange for initial appointments.
  • Medical assistants assist the provider with administrative and clerical tasks. They also help room patients, measure the child’s vital signs, administer medications, and record information in the medical record.
  • Developmental pediatrics coordinator partners with providers to assist the family with referrals to clinics or community agencies and educates the family about specific referral processes and services that are available in the community. And, follow up with schools and other professionals that are working with your child to ensure that appropriate care is received and your child has access to the services needed.

If you’re visiting our developmental pediatrics program, keep an eye out for these key players: