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What to expect during your visit

At Children’s Minnesota, we realize that we are treating a child, not just a diagnosis. And we know that for kids, there is no such thing as a routine visit.

That’s why we walk you through the developmental pediatrics process from the very first phone call.

We aim to ease

Whether you are referred to us by your child’s primary care physician or heard about us on your own, our intake coordinator will help to determine if developmental pediatrics is a good fit for your child.

If your child’s care journey starts at our clinic, knowing what to expect helps make the first visit less stressful. Before the visit, talk about it with your child. Show your child a photo of the doctor from our directory. With younger kids, it may also help to draw pictures (stick figures work just fine!) or act out the upcoming visit with a stuffed animal as the patient.

To help us complete initial paperwork and concentrate on your child’s care, it’s best to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. That way, we can zip through the registration and insurance process (remember to bring your insurance card and co-pay) and concentrate on what’s most important to us — talking with you and taking great care of your child.

During your child’s first visit we provide a medical evaluation related to developmental concerns. This includes a comprehensive physical examination, observation of behavior and laboratory or x-ray services if needed.

We’ll handle your kid with kid gloves

We know coming to the hospital can be scary for you and your child. That’s why we work so hard to make sure you’re prepared.

First things first. Before the first visit, we provide you with paperwork to fill out. This allows our team to learn all about your child’s health history, so the initial meeting moves along at a quicker, kid-friendly pace. To put children at ease, we encourage parents to let them know about upcoming visits.

Don’t leave home without it. Treating children with advanced services may take time. So by all means, bring that beloved stuffed monkey along for the ride. And pack their favorite snack, too — whatever helps kids and families feel better is Children’s approved.

It’s a sign. If your appointment includes a physical exam, we have easy-to-understand drawings available to alert children about what’s happening next. So if children are getting measured for height and weight, they’ll see exactly how it’s done.

Let’s talk. Once we have completed the exam, we’ll sit down to discuss your child’s developmental status and treatment recommendations. We’ll answer all of your questions and coordinate care. Have more questions when you get home? Not a problem. Just call us and we’ll talk. At Children’s, we’re kid people, but we also know how to have an adult conversation.

Comforting kids. Once you visit us, you’ll notice that we make small adjustments that make a big difference for children with developmental issues. We minimize the amount of wall art so that kids who are sensitive to busy settings can feel more relaxed. If you are concerned about how your child will tolerate a clinic visit, this overview will provide strategies to improve your child’s visit.

We accept many health insurance plans. Give your insurance company a call before your first visit to learn about your specific benefits. Here’s what you should know about billing and insurance before your visit, learn more »

Continuing the care journey

As your child’s care journey progresses, we’ll partner with you to make the next steps as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We always try to make a terrific impression, whether it’s our first meeting with your family or our twenty-first.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.


Before your first visit, we have a few forms that will allow our team to learn more about your child.