Metabolic and Newborn Screening Clinic at Children’s Minnesota

The Metabolic and Newborn Screening Follow-up Program offers initial confirmatory evaluations and follow-up care for children whose blood spot screens are abnormal or have a presumed or confirmed inborn error of metabolism. Our team of experts includes biochemical geneticists who specialize in metabolic disorders, genetic counselors, a nurse and a metabolic dietician.

At Children’s Minnesota we recognize that the initial evaluation after a child is found to have an abnormal newborn screen may be a stressful time for the whole family. There may be a need for further evaluations to confirm a diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.  We work in collaboration to make sure all parental questions are addressed properly and interventions are established in a timely manner.

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Our team focuses on providing detailed genetic counseling to the families from the initial visit and support throughout the evaluation process. If a child is referred to our metabolic clinic for follow-up by their primary care provider, we will contact the family directly to coordinate any clinic visits, relevant laboratory testing, and treatment if applicable.  Depending on the condition reported by the newborn screen, our team will work with the child’s primary care provider to determine appointment urgency and timing.

The metabolic clinic may provide ongoing care management and follow-up until a diagnosis is confirmed or ruled out.  If confirmed, patients and their families will receive further counseling and establish an ongoing relationship with our Genetics Clinic. If a condition is ruled out, the initial newborn screen result will be considered a false positive result and no further interventions or follow-up may be necessary.