Volunteer Evaluation

Annual Self- Evaluation for Volunteers

This form is for current Children’s volunteers only. Please do not complete this form if you are not an active Children’s volunteer. If you would like to volunteer at Children’s, submit an application to our Volunteer Services department.

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Children's Way Values:

Kid's First

It's all about the kids. We are inspired by children - they are optimistic, resilient and see endless possibilities. We channel that spirit, bring courage and curiosity to find better solutions and do the right thing.

  • I take it personally to create a safe environment, free from harm.
  • I speak up when there is a better way or I'm concerned because "good enough" doesn't work at Children's.
  • I make decisions that prioritize the needs of kids.
  • I understand that health equity starts with me, and I strive to treat each person as they would like to be treated.
  • I embrace the spirit of a child, applying a sense of joy, wonder, playfulness and fun to my work.

Listen, really listen

Each person has a story to tell, so we listen with compassion, ask meaningful questions, and build trusting relationships with individuals and communities. We respect each person's uniqueness.

  • I am present in every conversation. I take time and give my full attention to others.
  • I respond to what's being said with words and body language. I work to make it safe for others to share their opinions, ask questions and tell their stories.
  • I manage my reactions. I understand the power of my words and body language, and commit to considering their impact on others.
  • I appreciate opinions different from my own and seek to understand the situation from the other person's point of view.
  • I ask questions to learn more about each individual's beliefs and priorities. I show respect by using people's names whenever possible.

Own Outcomes

Results define us, so we are all in 200% - accountable to ourselves and to one another to provide extraordinary service. We are tireless in our pursuit of excellence and never stop learning and improving.

  • I do my best. I know what's expected of me. I know what I'm good at and where I can improve.
  • I help others to be their very best. I go above and beyond. I always ask, "What more can I do?" and never, ever say, "It's not my job."
  • I view feedback as a gift. I seek and also provide honest and constructive feedback in the moment.
  • I try out new ideas and learn from what goes well as well as what doesn't go as planned.
  • I identify and solve problems quickly.

Join Together

We are stronger together with our patients, families, community and one another. Super teams trump super heroes. We are all caregivers.

  • I view us as one Children's team, working toward the same goal.
  • I collaborate with others and trust the skills we each bring to the team.
  • I communicate often and clearly. I don't assume that I'm understood.
  • I think of the impact on others before making any decision.
  • I believe mistakes create opportunities for improvement and I share what is learned from them with others.

Be Remarkable

Kids are counting on us to deliver an experience unlike any other. We are innovators, reimagining what health care can be today and in the future. We go beyond what's expected because we have higher standards. We love our work and let it show.

  • I give whatever makes me special and am generous with my time, creativity and support of others.
  • I never overlook someone who needs help or something that needs attention.
  • I am positive. I expect the best and give my best to find a real connection with each person. I meet and personalize my approach so each person feels unique.
  • I care. I anticipate the needs of others and take action.
  • I do whatever it takes to provide the best service.

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