How to address concerns, complaints and grievances

If you and your family have any questions, concerns or wish to file a grievance, you have many options. You can talk to representatives at Children’s Minnesota or several other organizations.

Primary resources at Children’s

We encourage you to talk to the following members of our team:

  • Your child’s nurse or physician
  • The manager or director (your child’s nurse or health unit coordinator will help you get in contact with them)
  • The family relations liaison
  • The administrative representative (during evening or weekend hours)

Additional resources at Children’s

Use these resources if you have questions or concerns about these specific topics:

  • Medical privacy rights: Contact the privacy official if you have concerns about your medical information privacy rights. For all Children’s locations, call 952-992-5470 or toll-free at 1-866-225-3251.
  • Protective services: Call the social work department for information or assistance about protective services for children or vulnerable adults.
  • Difficult healthcare decisions: Contact the office of ethics for consultation if you are facing difficult healthcare decisions. For all Children’s locations, call 612-813-7200.

Regulatory agencies

You may also file a grievance with:

Office of Health Facilities Complaints
85 East Seventh Place, Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55164-0970
651-215-8702 or 800-369-7994

Board of Medical Practice
2829 University Avenue SE, Suite 400
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3246
612-617-2130 or 800-657-3709

The Joint Commission
[email protected]

Children’s Family Liaison
Children’s – Minneapolis 612-813-7393
Children’s – St. Paul 651-220-6888