Articles from James Burroughs, senior vice president, government and community relations and chief equity and inclusion officer at Children’s Minnesota

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Mother’s Day — more than just a Sunday in May.

It’s Mother’s Day — let’s start a new tradition! One that will make a tangible, positive difference in mothers’ daily lives.

Introducing Yinka Ajose. Yinka’s story and passion for the health of kids and families just might inspire you to work at Children’s Minnesota, too.

I work with some great people at Children’s Minnesota. One of them is Yinka Ajose. In this guest blog, she reflects on some challenges she’s faced in her career, how a podcast led her to work at Children’s Minnesota, and why you might want to consider working along with us.

Black History Month 2024: Don’t just celebrate, do something to change the narrative!

In addition to these traditional Black History Monty events, I encourage you to try something different in 2024. I encourage you — in your personal life, and especially in your professional life — to do something meaningful and measurable that will make long-lasting systemic change. Be transformative and not performative.

Despite what you may think, I’m not BIPOC

Shorthand can shortchange. That’s why I avoid the term “BIPOC.”

Supplier diversity: putting your money where your values are

Supplier diversity is good for the economy. It’s good for our community. Above all, it’s good for kids.

Minnesota’s chief equity officer on the value of listening before taking equitable strategic action for all Minnesotans

As a mother, former teacher and school administrator, Dr. Stephanie Burrage knows every child is unique. So when we talk about resolving health, education, economic and other disparities, we have to take time to listen to people’s unique experiences, learn their unique needs and create unique solutions. In her first year as Minnesota’s chief equity officer, Dr. Burrage has been doing a lot of listening and learning.

Children’s Minnesota named one of Modern Healthcare’s Top Diversity Leaders

The national honor recognizes the top diverse healthcare executives and organizations influencing public policy, care delivery, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations and the industry.

Equity action: know your history

Many people want to create an equitable world, but don’t know how to start. So every few months I post an equity action. This time it’s learn your history.

Transforming hurt into healing: Next Step and Children’s Minnesota

“Hurt people hurt people. Healing people heal people,” says Kentral Galloway, director of Next Step which aims to break the cycle of violence in our community. Here’s how Next Step is making a difference for patients and families at Children’s Minnesota.

What we need to think about when we think about equity

One thing I’ve learned working in diversity, equity and inclusion is meaningful change can uncover angst, resentment and racism. It’s also easy to make mistakes. An important step to avoiding mistakes? Thoroughly understanding what equity means.