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Remote access to Children’s Minnesota systems, including the EMR (PowerChart and FirstNet), EMR View and professional staff portal.
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Telmediq communications

Securely exchange patient information and paging.

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If you are new to Children’s EMR, these eLearnings introduce Cerner’s applications and the workflows for documenting patient care. If you’ve already received an introduction, use these eLearnings as a tool to recall the information you were provided.

Save time

Streamline chart navigation with Workflow Summary, so you spend less time in the EMR and more time with your patient.

Key Accountabilities for EMR Documentation

  Clinical Notes

Work smarter by using autotext .dot phrases to create your note. View the .dot phrase library, or create, manage and share your own .dot phrase.

Pull documentation from your patient’s chart to dynamically create your note. View this 4 minute demo to see how: Creating your note with Dynamic Documentation

Need to document a confidential note?

See what’s included in these Dynamic Documentation note templates:


As  you care for your patient, you will review and manage the patient’s orders. Before placing orders, a review of active orders is helpful to avoid duplications and to avoid contradictions. View this eLearning to become familiar with Order Entry and Favorites. Choose the topics you want to review, including how to view orders, place quick orders, locate and place orders, add and find favorites, and add orders to a powerplan.

  Medication Reconciliation

Compiling a list of the patient’s historical medications and prescriptions helps ensure an accurate and complete home medications list is available at all transitions of care. Learn more about Home Medication List and Medication Reconciliation

  Problem List/Diagnosis

Provides a concise view of a patient’s health status. Review and Update the Problem List/Dx.

Doctors and healthcare providers

For immediate access to a Children’s Minnesota Physician

Please call our Children’s Physician Access line at 1-866-755-2121 available 24/7 for referral, consult, admission and transport assistance.