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At Children’s Minnesota, we know that medical treatments—like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation—are only part of caring for an adolescent or young adult (AYA) with cancer. You’ll also need emotional support, interactions with other people your age and logistical help living your life while undergoing cancer treatments. We’ll help you find the combination of support—and independence—that’s right for you.

10 reasons to consider Children’s Minnesota for your cancer care:

  1. You will have the best care possible. According to National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), teens and young adults with cancer often do better with treatment approaches that are tailored to children rather than those designed for older adults. We deliver some of the highest survival rates among leading U.S. children’s hospitals treating patients with cancer and blood disorders, and we have some of the lowest length-of-stay ratios in the country.
  2. We offer a team approach. We believe your care is a partnership between you, your family and a wide variety of professionals. Your care team will include a variety of AYA experts—from doctors and physical therapists to dietitians and social workers. In addition, you’ll have access to other specialists throughout Children’s Minnesota and Abbott Northwestern Hospital. We’ll even help you transition to care outside our system when the time is right.
  3. Your voice matters. We’ll encourage you take an active role throughout your cancer treatment. You’ll work closely with your care team on your treatment, recovery, and survivor-ship plans. Additionally, we can teach you self-care methods, such as biofeedback, self-massage, mental imagery, and other integrative medicine techniques, so you can reduce treatment side effects like nausea and fatigue on your own.
  4. Your care plan is customized to you. Every patient has a unique set of challenges, and we tailor a treatment plan based on your diagnosis, your emotional/social needs and your life. You and your loved ones will have input every step of the way.
  5. You’ll have access to clinical trials. Children’s Minnesota participates in a variety of clinical research, our patients have access to treatments being studied in clinical trials. In fact, at Children’s Minnesota is in the top 5% of members in the Children’s Oncology Group (the world’s largest pediatric cancer research cooperative) for enrolling eligible patients in clinical trials. Your doctor will help you understand if a clinical trial is available for your situation.
  6. We’ll connect you to other patients, past and present. At Children’s Minnesota, about 22% of our patients are teens and young adults. This means there are other people your age who are facing similar struggles. We’ll provide information on support groups and other resources in the community to help you feel supported, as well as connect you with others through events and activities.
  7. We can help with outside-world logistics. Cancer impacts many aspects of your life. Our staff can help alleviate concerns around insurance, finances, school, work, childcare, caregiver support and transportation—so you can focus on your treatment. Learn more about how we can help with logistics.
  8. We provide sexual health and fertility advice. Cancer treatments can impact your relationships today and the family you may want in the future. Having your own biological children might not be a priority right now, but fertility and sexual health may be important to your long-term quality of life. Learn more about fertility and sexual health during and after cancer treatment.
  9. We have comfortable hospital environments. As a cancer patient at Children’s Minnesota, you have access to spaces designed specifically for you. Each patient room has a flat-panel television with free On-Demand movies and video games, full-size sofa bed, private bathroom, Wi-Fi access and a mini-fridge for personal groceries.
  10. We’ll help you get back to life after cancer. Our care doesn’t end when your cancer treatment is over. We have specialists dedicated to helping you recover and manage any long-term effects of your cancer or treatment. Find out more about our Long-Term Follow-Up (LTFU) Program.

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